Candace (crypticvitality) wrote in luv_my_lovebird,

Pictures of Houdini!

My little green monster Houdini!

She recently got done laying on a clutch of eggs for about 23 days and finally gave up on them (they were infertile) She lost a few grams while in the process of sitting and lots allot of feather to.. so when she finally immerged for good from the next box (temporary tissue box with a hole) she had all these little pin feathers coming in... she looked horrible! But with much preening from me her human companion we fixed that.. and now that she's eating normally and bathing here and there and shes starting to look lovely again.

Here are some picture my hubby took of her on her play stand. This first one is my favorite.. its so artsy.. the dust you see floating about is from millet spray.

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