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[05 Oct 2013|03:05pm]


First Time Owner [05 Apr 2012|01:01am]
Hi everyone!
I just joined this community so I'm pretty new at this but I'm really hoping it can help me out.  I've been thinking for about a year now about getting a lovebird and I think it's time I actually do it.  I've been looking around and I've already found the breeder and contacted him to make sure he has hand trained lovebirds available (which he does).  I just have a few concerns before I actually go forward with it.  FIrst of all, I'm a college student who will be living with 5 other roommates.  I feel this is the best time for me to get a lovebird because I have a lot of free time since I'm only at classes randomly throughout the day.  I'm just wondering how loud do lovebirds get?  Everywhere I've tried to look doesn't do a great job of telling me.  I obviously know they will make noise but how much?  I only plan on getting one and I don't want my roommates to get overly annoyed (although they will be in and out throughout the day also).  Also, it seems that there is a reasonable cost to maintaining lovebirds but if there are any over the top pricing situations I should know about that would be greatly appreciated!  I desperately want a lovebird and feel like I could give one a great home but I need some general advice before I take the last step to make sure this is the right thing...I don't want to rush into anything.  Any advice is appreciated and thank you!
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Picture [27 Oct 2011|03:11pm]

Sydney's just checkin' out his ancestors.Collapse )
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Bird comms on Dreamwidth [19 Jul 2011|10:16am]

I don't know how many people over here use Dreamwidth, but if you do we've got bird communities!

[community profile] lovebirds | [community profile] parrots_etc | [community profile] cockatiels | [community profile] budgies | [community profile] birds

If you'd like an invite code to create a journal, let me know. I've got heaps of them.

Adoption. [07 Dec 2010|03:38pm]

Hey folks, I have a few questions maybe you can help me with. I adopted Faye about five years ago, she had two homes before she came to mine. The last few years she's always stayed in my bedroom, so even while living with roommates and whatever pets they had, I was always there, while I wasn't at work, or in school, to offer company, and protection from the other pets.

Since I moved to my new place though, I have no room in my bedroom for her, so she stays in the walk-way between the kitchen and living room. Since both my roommate and myself are busy most of the time it leaves little protection for her from the cats who live with us. Since the cats have taken notice to her I'm worried that they'll knock the cage over.

And of course, aside from not being able to keep the cats away, our absence also means she has few little company during the day, since I am in school, and work afterward, and my roommate works most of the day.

I'm considering placing adds looking for another home for her, somewhere she will have more company and be safer. I'm sad that after five years I'm thinking about doing that, but it would likely be better for her in the long run.

So, my questions, should I charge something for her? I read somewhere that if you ask for money for an animal you're more likely to get people who are legitimately interested, instead of people who have a pet novelty. And if so, what would be an appropriate price to ask for her, and everything with her?

Also, what are some good questions to ask people who are interested, just to make sure they have an idea of what they're getting into be adopting a lovebird?

Thanks to anyone who can offer any help.
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Picky eaters? [07 Aug 2010|12:24am]

[ mood | amused ]

My lovebird is one of the most pickiest eaters and I've been trying to give him a varied diet so hes not just eating seeds all the time.  I've tried to give him fruits and veggies but he just picks them out of his dish to get to the seeds!  I wonder if maybe anyone has an idea on some tricks to get him to eat other things besides his seeds?   Any helpful advice would be greatly appreciated =D  As a fellow lovebird owner, I look forward to getting to know other owners and hearing about their babies.  ^__^

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Foraging [01 Feb 2010|02:55pm]

I've been busy with school lately and haven't been able to pay as much attention to my bird as much as i'd like to. Accordingly i've been having issues with screaming and repetitive mating behaviors when he is out of his cage.

I went to petsmart to see if there was something there to alleviate his boredom and i found this:
http://www.creativeforagingsystems.com/ and some other foraging toys.
Currently cage set up is like this: pellet food and seeds are in a foraging box thing, and his veggies are in a normal cup.

He seems to have quieted down a lot. My only concern is that he's never been much of a shredder or destroyer. The only toys he likes to play with are preening toys. At any rate, he's not really chewing up the cardboard box to get to his food. I have to go in there with scissors and expose some more of the food before he'll eat again.

He's not the brightest creature on the planet... will he learn how to tear the box up himself? Or am i gonna have to keep showing him where the food is. It seems like kind of a waste of food when he doesn't chew the box up to expose more of it.

Also, for people who are having problems with birds doing repetative mating behaviors, i HIGHLY reccomend these boxes, or something similar. He has not squawked me awake in the morning OR tried to throw up on me since i got them. MIRACLE!!!
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Not sure what to do... [19 Jan 2010|05:06pm]

[ mood | confused ]

Hello, all! I hope this post is appropriate...if not, please let me know.

I am in a tricky situation with my lovebird, and I don't really know where to turn. About three years ago, my boyfriend and I bought a beautiful peach-faced lovebird. She was born around August '06, and we bought her that fall or winter, I cannot remember (she still had a dark colored beak at the time). When we first got her, the agreement was that she would be his bird, and that if we ever parted ways, he would take her with him. Well, he and I broke up two summers ago, and he took Chikorita with him and has taken care of her since then. Recently he went on vacation, asked me to babysit her, and suddenly decided he never wanted to have her back. Now I am left with Chikorita, and although she is darling, I don't really feel like I would be able to give her the best love and attention she needs.

I clean her cage weekly, I give her fresh fruits and veggies (along with "oat groat" and these bright-colored pellet things), I rotate her toys often (she has many of them)...but I work a full-time job and she is alone ALL day, every day. I try to take her out at least once a day and play with her/let her sit on my shoulder for a little while, but I have heard that lovies need about 6 hours of attention a day, and I am not even giving her nearly enough. I feel somewhat neglectful...I hate to use those words on myself because I love animals so much, but it's true...

For the past few days, she has been very aggressive. She scrambles around on the bottom of her cage in a small cardboard box I put down there, then jumps out and "attacks" her bell toys ferociously. If I try to get her out, she bites me! She has always been loving in the past and bitten me only a few times, but now I feel like she resents me or something. The only thing I can think I did wrong is neglect her, though I also did remove a toy that she (he????) kept humping vigorously...ha...

For a while, I was completely against giving her up for adoption, but now I am seriously considering it. I have done a lot of reading online about needing to be very careful about who I give my bird to, and this makes me very afraid. What if she ends up in a home where she is getting even less attention than I am able to give her? But at the same time...what if I find a home for her that *IS* much better than her living with me? If a home with more love & attention is possible for her, then it would be wrong for me to keep her.

I just feel so uncomfortable giving her up with the possibility of never seeing her again, or the possibility of her being in a less desirable situation than she is now. I keep trying to reason with myself...she is in a good, healthy, conscientious home now (though minimum attention)...should I take a risk for a chance for a life with more attention?? If only I had a friend, who I knew and trusted, or had experience with birds before, who wanted her...I would feel safe giving Chikorita to someone like that...but I don't, none of my friends really know anything about birds.

I am so torn about this issue. Any advice would be so appreciated...those of you who have adopted, or had to give up a pet to adoption...

I live in Portland, Oregon, if that helps.

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I got a new lovebird! and I need help! [28 Aug 2009|09:04pm]

Today I got a lovebird parot for the first time! I dont know much about parots , so this is going to be difficult for me to train it! I got only one for now, so it can get used to me and I am thinking of getting another one within a month so it wont be alone!  Its little in age (they didnt tell me the exact age). I left it alone in my office so It can get used to the new invornment, without me bugging it!

I would really appreciate any advice you can give me! I want to make it feel calm and happy, cause right now its scared (I think its a girl.. they couldnt really tell cause its small in age). And eventually I would like to be able to take it out of the cage.

Thank you!
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[23 May 2009|10:11am]

 Hi all,

I have 2 love birds, a few years old now. Both have heaps of toys and branches that get rotated (they are in the same cage). I cover them with dark towels at night so they can still breath through the fabric but it makes the cage dark.

Anyway all was going well until the last few weeks, they have suddenly started screatching at each other all night. They are fine during the day, but when night time comes they start to flap around and make a huge noise.

What can I do?? I'm desperate. Anyone have websites or info to help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Harrison's [21 Jan 2009|03:26pm]

To Harrison's Bird food users.

I buy from the main website, and i just can't get over the fact i'm paying more for shipping than for the actual product.

Is there another site that doesn't have ridiculous packaging?
I mean, is a box 5 times the volume of the actual product full of packaging peanuts necessary? Come on. Packaging peanuts?
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Tragic Tales turned happy endings. [19 Jan 2009|11:05pm]

A few weeks ago, the pet store I work at recieved this baby lovebird:
Photos and story behind cut.Collapse )
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Solitary Bird [02 Jan 2009|06:48pm]

[ mood | worried ]


I have a single female lovebird. I have had her for about 4 years now, and she was 5 years old when I adopted her and her mate. About a year and a half after I adopted them, her mate died. She has been alone ever since.

Shortly after her friend died, she became obsessed with nesting (something she had never been interested in before), and has remained that way. She is not hand tame. She will sometimes step up on command, but if she sees the slightest glimpse of fingers she will attack. (she has become accepting of my fingers as long as I don't approach her with them, but she will attack everyone else's upon sight). When I have tried to train her, she will get ornery when she doesn't get her way and bite. She goes straight for my neck when she is out of her cage, so we now play games through the bars for the most part, unless she is acting very very calm and we are alone.

She has lots of toys, and lives in the living room. So while my roommate and I are home, she gets plenty of attention from us. We do work long hours though. In the summer she interacts with the birds outside while we are home, but we can't leave the windows open when we aren't home.

Lately she has started having additional problems. I have tried keeping her daylight hours consistent. I also tried to put her onto a good diet, but she refuses to eat anything except seeds (I have tried many different methods- she would rather starve than change diet). She just seems grumpy. I'm going to take her into the vet to check her out and trim her nails and beak, but I'm wondering... could she be lonely? Would having a friend make her happier and easier to deal with? I remember that when she had a friend they were a lot louder (which my roommate won't like), but I think she was also far more cheerful.

Any advice or reference points that you can recommend would be greatly appreciated.

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i can haz [24 Nov 2008|07:30pm]

I know someone out there is gonna hate me for posting this... but i love it when i see birds on icanhazcheezburger.com

Cuteness alert!Collapse )
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In loving memory of Burd [24 Nov 2008|12:47am]

A couple of months ago I posted asking for people to send shots of their lovie's underside of their feet. They were to honour my Burd, who passed in August. She wasn't quite three, and I miss her more than anything. This is where she stood most of the time. My tattoo artist used her feathers for exact replicas. Here is the picture post I promised!!

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Four new family members. [12 Nov 2008|12:54pm]

I run an independent rescue (which is basically just me). I came across two bonded pairs of lovebirds that needed a new home. I have been considering adopting a small bird or two for quite a while. I've rescued/fostered (and researched) lovebirds, parakeets, cockatiels and a few macaws in the past, but felt lovebirds would be the best fit for my household, so when these four became available, I contacted the person rehoming them.

Both pairs have adjusted very well. My room is a bit clutered and in need of cleaning, so I was only able to bring one cage into my room last night, but will be bringing the other one in later today. When they were separated at opposite ends of the house, they constantly talked to each other, back and forth, for a few hours. This morning, they did the same thing. I had let the green pair out of their cage and they were having a lot of fun, flying back and forth between my bookshelf, TV, curtains, etc. I brought the yellow pair in here, and they immediately joined the green pair. They have always been housed separately, but I think they enjoy all hanging out and flying around together. Is this okay to do?

Their previous owner let them constantly breed and raise babies, which they would sell to the pet stores and other private parties. I am interested in having them just as pets. The green male has been plucking his feathers, but their vet said that he was okay. I'm thinking he could be doing this out of stress/boredom, making a nest, or poor diet, or possibly a combination of the three. I am under the impression that they were on a primarily seed diet. I tried giving them steamed broccoli, sweet potato and a little scrambled egg last night, but none of them touched anything. I've read that lovebirds can be picky eaters, and even afraid of new foods, so I'm not sure the best way to introduce them to a new diet. I have them on ZuPreem pellets, which I saw one try last night, but I haven't seen any of the others touch a thing. I'm sure they'll eat when they're hungry, but what are your lovebird's favorite foods? I need to make it out to the grocery store, I want to start weaning them onto a primarily fresh food diet. I've seen quite a few recipes and variations. What do you feed your lovebird(s)?

I want to set up my room so they have plenty of perches and places to go when they're out roaming my room (supervised only). This is the only cat-free room in my house, so I'd like to make it fun for the birds. I own my house, so I don't have a problem with putting up somewhat permanent structures on my walls. I was curious, what have you done to make your house bird-friendly? :) It's not a large room, but I don't mind catering it to their needs.

Below are a few pictures of my new babies, none of which have names yet. Does anyone want to help and tell me what colors both pairs are? Thanks. :)

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fleas! [07 Nov 2008|12:04am]

I think my apartment may have fleas, which would be a gift from my alley cat friend (who does NOT come in). I don't have any mammalian pets for fleas to live on, and in the past, when I've been somewhere with fleas, they mostly ignore me (the three or four I've seen in my apt so far were all on me), but...do they go after birds? I don't want Dixie to have any problems. I've used a couple bird-safe natural deterrents (salt, tea tree oil), but I'm worried about her.

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[05 Nov 2008|12:58pm]

hey all,

One of my two lovebirds appears to be going bald. But before I take him to the vet I am going to see if it's just something I can fix. So I have got him new toys incase it was boredom. He is continuing on his diet of.

8am: Pallets with extra vitamins
9am: Fresh fruit and veggies (all organic, I work for the fruit and veg company and we get it straight from the farm)
3pm seeds are in the cage until 10pm when its bedtime.

fresh water twice a day.

What I don't understand is why it is just one of the birds, and they share a cage.

So this leaves me to my final option before the vet. mites. or something of that nature. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a brand (I live in melb, australia) or bite treatment that I could try, whether it be spray or put in their water. I mean I could go out now and just buy one but I was after a recommendation.

If that doesn't change anything by the weekend, I have an appointment that I can cancel for the vet on Monday.

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Need advice on cockatiel vs lovebird behaviors [02 Nov 2008|12:15pm]

[ mood | curious ]

I'm a lovebird owner, whom I adore. What a bright, precious little sweetheart our Aurora is. I've been trying to figure out the bird who lives in the bookstore where I work, a cockatiel named Darwin of unknown gender. I've talked to the other salesgirls, but since we all only work one day a week we're all a bit in the dark.

Darwin was hand raised and brought to the store soon after the store's owner bought him. Most of the time he sits up on his gym and we whistle to each other during the day or he whistles along with the radio. A few times a day, he decides to play with my basset (who works on Sundays) and will drop things on the basset's head, whistle at him, etc. We've also taught Darwin a birdie version of goal keeping a'la soccer.

The last month has brought new behaviors, including dropping down to the floor and running about. Today he did this, ran up to the basset and performed a sort of dance. Lowered himself, sort of spread his wings out flat sideways tucking the ends against his belly and whistled at the basset. Fortunately, our basset is incredibly tolerant of other creatures (we have the aforementioned lovebird, bunnies and cats at home) so he just watched all this. Darwin has also been -ahem- entertaining himself by rubbing his tummy on things, as well.

I've never seen our lovebird exhibit any of this sort of behavior!

Is this some sort of bird puberty? Is there something we could be doing or not doing?

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London UK Cage for sale [14 Oct 2008|08:17pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Hi everyone

I hope this is an acceptable use of the community - please delete if not!

Now that Sabrina has passed away, I've got a huge, empty bird cage. We called it the 'Taj Mahal' because of its shape and because Sabs acted like a spoilt princess when she was inside it, and rattled her bell whenever she wanted attention. Not annoying at all... endearing!

Anyway, I am willing to sell the cage for a good price to somebody from this community, or to a friend of the community, who has a lovebird or pair of luvvies or similar-sized birds, who lives in the London or South-East area of the UK. I'd really like it to go to a good home with a luvvie!

Pics and more details under the cutCollapse )

Anyone interested, please comment. Thanks for reading!

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